[qk_title tpl=”tpl1″ type_heading=”h2″ h_class=”title_h1″ no_title=”2″ title1=”our” font_style1=”strong” title2=” Services” color_line1=”” color_line2=””]Phoenix Technology Ltd understands what is needed to deliver business value using IT, it offers end- to end solutions which covers consulting, hardware, licensed software, applications, systems management, IT optimization, security, maintenance, help desk and networking needs etc.[/qk_title]

[qk_title tpl=”tpl1″ type_heading=”h2″ h_class=”title_h1″ no_title=”2″ title1=”Technology ” font_style1=”strong” title2=” Infrastructure” color_line1=”” color_line2=””]Phoenix Technology Ltd provides end-to-end IT infrastructure provisioning using deep business and technology skills and key alliances to help clients leverage next generation networks to achieve high performance. We humbly claim has the experience, assets, wisdom and proven offerings to mitigate the risks associated with the roll out journey.[/qk_title]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Enterprise Servers & Storage” el_class=”two”][/qk_service][qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Data Center & Power Backups”][/qk_service]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Personal Systems”][/qk_service][qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Network Services” el_class=”two”][/qk_service]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Printers and Peripherals”][/qk_service]
[qk_title tpl=”tpl1″ type_heading=”h2″ h_class=”title_h1″ no_title=”2″ title1=”Systems ” font_style1=”strong” title2=”Integration Services” color_line1=”” color_line2=””]Phoenix Technology Ltd Systems Integration Services work closely with customer business executives, process owners and technology specialists to, select, deploy, and successfully implement Core Business Applications. Phoenix Technology Ltd Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) bring industry best practices to add value to the customer’s core business application suite deployment. Our System Integration service encompasses:[/qk_title]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Microsoft Services” el_class=”two”][/qk_service]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Virtualization Services”][/qk_service]
[qk_title tpl=”tpl1″ type_heading=”h2″ h_class=”title_h1″ no_title=”2″ title1=”Business ” font_style1=”strong” title2=”Process Optimization” color_line1=”” color_line2=””]Taking the time to figure out how to optimize each business process within your company can present a whole new world of efficiencies for you and your employees. Weather its resource or process outsourcing, or if you need information technology consulting or training services, Phoenix Technology
Ltd offers number of solutions for business process optimization that has been heralded as revolutionary in its ability to enhance productivity. We address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process optimization solutions. We unlock business value by applying proven
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Office Printing Outsourcing Solution” el_class=”two”][/qk_service][qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”IT Services & Consultancy”][/qk_service]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Training & Development”][/qk_service]
[qk_service tpl=”tpl2″ icon=” ” title=”Support & Maintenance” el_class=”two”][/qk_service]